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Welcome to the Keg Accessories Depot

If you're looking for the best keg accessories for you home or commercial bar, then look no further.  KegWorks offers you the leading supplies to make your bar the place to be.  Thousands of items available and delivered quickly - with leading customer service, you won't be disappointed. Check out our most popular categories of keg accessories below.

Keg Dispensers

Keg dispensers and towers to get your home bar ready for action with quality craftsmanship and style.


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Brass 2 Tap Draft Beer Kegerator T-Tower
Price: $393.00

Brass box with 3-inch diameter round stainless steel column and flange. Double tap allows you to serve two beers from the same tower. Comes with beer lines. Faucet knobs are not included. T-Towers are made to order, so shipping time can take up to 2 weeks. Features: Constructed of solid polished brass, Double beer tap set up allows you to serve two beers from the same tower. Specs: Box Dimensions: 6”, Column Dimensions: 3”Diameter






Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Kegerator Tower - 3" Diameter
Price: $128.95

Use the handy little device when you want to pour out of two faucets but from only one keg. The base just screws right onto your existing keg coupler and then attach 2 beer line jumpers to the "Y" split.







Brass PVD 6 Tap Draft Beer Kegerator T-Tower
Price: $741.00

Never polish your draft towers again! PVD finish on brass towers prevents tarnishing and eliminates the need for time consuming weekly polishing. Tower constructed of PVD finished brass box with 3” diameter round column and flange. Comes with beer lines. Faucet knobs NOT included. “T” Towers are made to order, shipping time can take up to 2 weeks. UPS Ground Only.






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Keg Couplers

This is the device that connects the gas line to the keg. Cornelius kegs use a coupler that is separate from the beer lines, but in larger kegs, the coupler has both. Domestic brewers use “D” coupler systems. Here you will find a few popular keg couplers for your home bar.


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European Beer Keg Coupler Set - Set of 3
Price: $156.50

Be prepared to serve any kind of European brew with this kit of beer taps. The 'S' system coupler is the European Sankey system, designed exclusively for the keg valves of popular brands like Heineken, Amstel Light, Murphy's Stout and more. The 'G' system coupler fits the keg valves of Bass Ale, Anchor and more. The 'A' system coupler will fit most German beers like Warsteiner, Hacker-Pschorr, and Spatan. Beck's or St. Pauli Girl requires a Sankey coupler, also included in this kit.







US Sankey Keg Beer Coupler - D System - Lever HandlePrice: $27.95

99 percent of the beers brewed in the United States and Canada use this D-system coupler. By far the most popular Sankey. Fits Budweiser, Michelob, Busch, Miller Lite, Milwaukee’s Best, Coors Light, Killian’s, Sam Adams, Pete’s Wicked, Molson, Labatt, OV, Moosehead and lots more. Lever type handle. Fits D System keg tap valves.







Guiness Keg Coupler - U System
Price: $62.75

Will fit kegs of Guinness Stout, Harp Lager and Kilkenny. Click here for a complete list. Fits U System Keg Valves. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Works for Guinness, Harp and Kilkenny. Click here for a complete list of beers. Durable hard nickel plating. Specs: U system keg valves







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Keg Tap Handles

We offer a variety of keg tap handles to fit your bar's theme, look and style.


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Branding On Demand Custom Beer Tap Handle
Price: $18.95

Create your own branded tap handle with a 360° label. This tap handle delivers branding and real-time marketing for your restaurant, or just a fun accent to your home bar. It’s simple to use – create your own label and pop it in place. Change the label to promote a seasonal beer or holiday special. Save time and money by simply reprinting the branding label to use the tap handle again and again! Home brewers – make custom beer tap handles for your creations!







Pub Style Beer Tap Handle
Price: $29.95

Dress up your draft system with one of these stylish solid wood pub tap handles. The shiny gold finial at the top, along with the gold ferrule at the bottom give this handle an authentic pub feel. It’s easy to screw this handle onto your faucet and the sleek contour makes it easy to grab. Made to fit any standard size beer faucet, this traditional bar tap handle comes in a variety of vibrant colors to match your bar’s decor and reflect your good taste.







Pub Style Beer Tap Handle with Oval Shield
Price: $27.95

These eye-catching pub style tap handles look great and they exist to bring you beer. Who doesn’t like an attractive beer dispenser? The contoured design, gleaming gold finial at the top and shiny gold ferrule at the bottom give this handsome handle the perfect shape, that’s easy to grab. Made of solid wood, these tap pulls are customizable! The front boasts a hard plastic oval badge that will proudly and prominently display the stickers or labels of your favorite brands, or your own custom creations (not included)!






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Keg Refrigerators

We offer a large range of keg refrigerators, beer keg coolers, and keg beer coolers to keep your beer fresh, cold and ready to serve. Residential and commercial single taps, multi-taps, under counter, outdoor and Guiness kegerators available.


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Haier Kegerator with Stainless Steel Door and Cabinet
Price: $789.00

The Haier Keg Refrigerator is the newest one of its kind on the market. Not only does this keg fridge come with everything you need to pour beer (minus the keg of beer) but, you can convert it into a standard refrigerator with two shelves that are included. This unit also comes with a chrome guardrail that attaches to the top to keep all of your glasses neatly arrange without them sliding off. The CO2 tank is shipped empty so you will need to get it filled locally. You should look up gas suppliers in your local yellow pages to find a place to get the tank filled. A full CO2 tank should last about 5 to 6 kegs.






Homebrew Keg Refrigerator - No Tanks (2 taps)
From: $1,547.15

In the homebrewing world, this Cornelius keg refrigerator is king. Don’t waste time bottling your home brew when you can store it in tanks and dispense it easily from this ultimate homebrew fridge. Avoid the mess, hassle of sanitation and high costs of bottling and keep up to four, 5-gallon product tanks of your best brew cold and on tap. Available in 2, 3 and 4 taps.







Complete Draught Guinness Kegerator
Price: $1,899.00

Is Guinness your favorite beer?! Then this Guinness Keg Fridge System is for you. Comes complete with everything you’ll need to dispense Draught Guinness except the air tank. The first thing you need to do is to call your local gas dealers and find out about the availability of the mixed gas used to dispense Guinness. It’s a mixed gas all in one air tank (75% Nitrogen, 25% CO2). Gas dealers can be found in your local yellow pages under the heading “Gas”. Call several to find one that will work with you.





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Home Brew Keg Kits

These home brew keg kits are just what you need to start creating that perfect pint. If you are looking for other home brew equipment, just click the link below.


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Homebrew Keg Kit - With 5lb CO2 Tank
Price: $139.95

For use with canister set up. Kit includes ball lock style disconnects. Features: Dispense your home brewed beer. Includes: Double gauge regulator with shut off, CO2 tubing and clamps, Ball Style Disconnects, 4’ of tubing and plastic faucet, 5# Aluminum CO2 Tank. *No home brew tank included











Portable Homebrew Dispensing Kit
Price: $59.95

Instantly serve beer from your homebrew tank, anywhere! This compact kit includes all of the homebrew supplies you need to make your 5-gallon homebrew tank portable and serve your finished, carbonated beer straight from the tank. This Cornelius keg tap makes dispensing homebrew easy, even on the go! Features: Everything you need to serve beer from your homebrew tank. *Tank is not included





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ExactPour Systems

Pour a pefect pint everytime with the Exactap and ExactPour Systems. Lager system shown below, but Stout systems are available.


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ExactPour Lager System

Price: $5,693.29

Pour a perfect measured pint in less than three seconds, cut costs, eliminate waste and increase efficiency with this revolutionary beer dispenser tap!

Used by some of the world’s best stadiums and special event venues, this system is proven to boost draft beer sales and make the most of every keg!

The ExactPour (with patented ExacTap technology) is the only complete plug-and-pour draft system on the market. The idea behind this portable profit machine is simple; measure each pour, control the amount of foam, work faster, waste less, and sell more!

Watch the ExactPour system in action below!

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